Twitter as the Largest Trade Show


I recently had “the Twitter talk” with the CEO of a high tech B2B company. His one main question was, “Will Twitter help us make money?”

My response was that B2B companies should not look to Twitter as a way to sell widgets, but to view it as a trade show.

At a trade show:

  1. Conversations and actions are focused on building relationships
  2. Outcomes are evaluated on a long-term basis, not a quick hit
  3. Strong partnerships are the greatest financial reward. In the CEO’s business, a new vendor can mean millions in sales per year
  4. It’s a great place to share the company’s brand and personality
  5. To get the most out of a show, you have to engage participants or you will get lost in the crowd

So there is a reward at the end of the Twitter rainbow for B2B companies. But it takes time, work, and a decent strategy.

Oh, and don’t forget the swag.