Please don’t feed the spammers


Spam on the popular microblogging site Twitter is starting to “evolve.”

We’ve all see Twitter spam accounts before – the account follows 2,000 people, maybe a couple of hundred followers (mostly from auto-follows), and only a single tweet with a link to who knows where.

I’ve seen a new spam approach over the past couple of weeks. This is a typical profile:

  • The user is following 1,200 people or so
  • Has 600-700+ followers
  • Has 300-500 tweets
  • Is replying to tons of different people

On the surface this looks fairly normal except the account has only been tweeting for a day or two and very few of the people they are replying to ever reply back. I’m guessing they don’t reply because they have no idea who it is.

On the couple of occasions that I did follow a person with that kind of profile, I was usually sorry after a few minutes. I’d receive a DM asking me to go to their site or a request to retweet some product information.

So the bottom line is, look a little deeper when you get a new follow request and avoid feeding into this next wave of spammers.