POLL Results – Buying from your social network


With Thanksgiving rolling around and Black Friday shopping ads all over the place, I wondered if my Twitter buddies were more likely to be buying things online and from their networks. So I asked one question:

Would you be *more likely* to buy goods or services from someone in your online social network?

I immediately received several replies and confirmations of having taken the poll. “Yes!” “Absolutely” were the first replies and those were similar to the results as a whole. With 47 people polled, over 80% of respondents indicated that they would be more likely to buy from their online networks.

More Likely to Buy?
More Likely to Buy?

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More likely to buy from your SocNet?
More likely to buy from your SocNet?

It will be interesting to see larger samples of data on this question after the holiday seasons. I expect offline companies will be surprised at the number of dollars that are funneled through online shopping.

What does this poll mean to you?