Yahoo! Search Marketing to Allow Zip Code Targeting


I was advising a potential client on ways to help get his business online.  As a contractor, he will be looking for work in his immediate geographical area so the new Yahoo! Search Marketing Zip Code targeting might be just what he needs.

Yahoo search marketing zip code targeting. JP Luna Web Design

In Pay Per Click advertising, people search from a search engine (Yahoo!, Google, etc.) or from their ad network, or from sponsored ads placed throughout the Web.  The advertiser then pays an amount of money ($0.05 to several dollars) for each click.  The Zip Code targeting allows advertisers to only serve ads to people in those zip code ranges.  This is ideal for advertisers who only want to target certain areas.

On the business side, this new Yahoo! service is thought to be a new wiz bang feature to sweeten any future ad sharing deals with Google.  It doesn’t really matter to me as long at it provides better tools for clients.

See the announcement on the Yahoo blog: