An App in a Weekend – That Was Fun

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Alana Taylor's Fabulous App, Get My Tagged Pics allows you to scour Facebook for pictures tagged with your name.

>>Get My Tagged Pics


When I saw Alana Taylor's (@alanataylor on Twitter) tweet from nine days ago, I knew she'd follow up on it and that things would be done Web 2.0 style:


Then three days ago she tweeted, "Last call for anyone who wants to help me create a fabulous facebook app. If you're down, dm me your email."

This time I direct messaged her on Twitter and told her I was in. Within minutes she sent an email to the five of us and outlined her great idea and said that she saw us all working together.

I thought it was an interesting idea to work as a group, since the only common connection we had was Alana. I must confess, I had to check my Developer Ego at the door and look at it as an opportunity to practice "going with the flow" and being present.

I'm glad I joined in on the project because I had a blast. There were emails zipping around, super fast development by Sheraz Mahmood (@smahmood on Twitter), and branding/marketing discussions. It had the same feel as a start-up company (I co-founded a Dot Com that is now Dot Gone) and the efficiency of a seasoned dev team.

It's amazing how fast things can move when you cut out the bullshit.

When I saw Sheraz's email with a test app after four hours I realized that I'd be better off working on the front end and knocked out the branding by the next morning.


Fifty-four hours after creating the virtual team, we officially launched the app and a couple of hours later found out that it had already been reviewed in CNET!

App development in one weekend AND press coverage? I can certainly get used to this.

You can follow me on Twitter at: @jesseluna.


Thanks for a fun project, Alana Taylor (@alanataylor), Sheraz Mahmood (@smahood), John Gonnella (@johngonnella), Michel Bechelani (@bechelani), and Jonathan Bulava (@jbulava)!

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