Getting My Fitness On


I wish I worked out more in Denver.  I had tons of very active friends.  Some were all-state swimmers, ultimate Frisbee gods/goddesses, others marathoners, and almost all were incredible skiers.

The main reason I held back from jumping in full force was because it was expected of me.  I know, that’s a stupid reason, but I have a strong counter-culture streak in me.  Everyone at work ate healthy, ran at lunch, and played insane amounts of ultimate Frisbee.  Meanwhile, I used to drive to work even though I lived only a few blocks away.

So I’ve decided to look for and accept support to meet my health and fitness needs.

Since joining Twitter I’ve joined three physical fitness endeavors.  The first was @jasonfalls ‘  Twit2Fit where one generally tries to be healthy, in mind and body.  Since starting that initiative, I have "released" ten pounds through better eating and increased exercise.

The second program is the @mcnitt 100 pushups Wednesday program.  I’m in week three of that program and have started to notice the results.  I got started on this program because I notice that @mcnitt was counting off his pushups.  The competitive nature in me jumped in and I was ready to drop and do 10.

The third program is sponsored by @turbomentor and is 100 sit ups per week.  I figured this would be an easy deal since I was Mr. Situps in high school.  However, since high school, my abs have mostly served as a beer and plate holder so it wasn’t as easy as I remember.

I intend to drop another 30 pounds by Halloween so I don’t have to dress up as the Michelin man.  Wish me luck.