Audio Test of Flip Video Mino


I received a question on Twitter from @Aronado asking about the audio abilities of the Flip Video camera, so here is a 140+ character response.

The Flip Video Mino has a built-in wide range microphone and there is no Audio In input.  According to the Flip Support site, the subject should be within 12 feet from the camera in an indoor setting and outdoors with noise the subject should be closer than that.

In this short video, you can hear my voice clearly, the occasional jingle of Ivory’s collar (Ivory is my beautiful Labrador), and some background noise.  The street is right next to the freeway so you can hear the buzz of traffic but my voice still comes through.

If you need a high level of audio input control then you should look for another camera.  But if you’re looking for a cool looking, easy to use, super compact, discreet (you won’t look like the paparazzi as with a full size camcorder), and affordable camera, then you should definitely consider the Flip Video Mino.