Power of One in “Swing Vote”


Many of us wiped our eyes as we walked away from the recently released film, Swing Vote.  I personally felt that the film hit home with the concept that every vote counts.

The premise of the film is that Bud Johnson (played by Kevin Costner) is the deciding vote in a dead heat presidential election.  He is aggressively courted by both major political campaigns, but Bud is far removed from any semblance of political involvement.  Apathy would be an understatement.  This apathy and Bud’s troubled personal situation sets the tension and comedic backdrop that finally unfolds itself in the final two scenes.

I walked away feeling that when we walk into the voting booth, or volunteer for that campaign, or decide to not vote and watch TV reruns instead, that we carry a heavy burden and a responsibility.  Together we can move a mountain, but only if we all shoulder our part.


Besides a moving ending, the film also demonstrates the talents of young actress Madeline Carroll, who plays Bud’s smarty pants daughter and is fun to watch.  On the way home from watching the film, I told B that she reminded me of a young Juno.