Hoagie Lingo


The Steak and Hogie Company is the place for pastrami sandwiches in Ventura County.  We usually order out and get their pastramis and/or their mushroom cheese steaks.  Hoagie2_2

The picture to the left is of its Santa Paula location, which is dangerously close to my abode.  I guess you could say I’ve been there a few times, ahem, such that I now know their short-order lingo.

To order my favorite combo, the cashier yells, "Hot pastrami, hold the O, and drop one."  Hold the "O" does not mean to go up the 101 freeway and grab Oprah from her Montecito mansion, it means "hold the onion." 

And "drop one" does not mean for the cook to drop to the floor and do push ups (see my video from earlier today) but instructs the cook to drop in a full order of thick steak fries into their fryer.

That’s right, there’s not much healthy about this meal except you get tons of protein and a whole lot of pleasure.  I’m not sure if that will offset the negative effects of such a meal, but my tummy sure was happy.