Three-Minute Breakfast


For me, the word "food" and "discipline" have rarely gone together in
the same sentence. But when I found out my cholesterol levels needed
some improvement, I chose to make a change.

About eight months
ago I started eating oatmeal for breakfast – ever day. Plain oatmeal is
too boring for me so I put oatmeal plus a multi-grain cereal (with
nuts, granola, or fruit but low in sugar) into a bowl with a little
water then I microwave it for two minutes. I let it cool a bit then add
in some milk and I’m ready to work. I work from home but if I had to
clock in somewhere, this would still be fairly easy to make at work.

It’s an inexpensive, fast, and healthy breakfast. What more could you ask for?

Does anyone else have a fast and healthy breakfast routine?

~~~Originally posted at NaBloPoMo on July 6, 2008~~~