Dinner and a Friend


Tonight was great as B and I drove to Pasadena to have dinner with our
college friend Daniel. We haven’t seen him since Marty’s wedding
several years ago and it was great to catch up.

It was all
planned out, we were going to meet up at one of my favorite old diners
in Pasadena, Shakers. The diner has big comfy booths and they would
never kick you out no matter how many hours or coffee refills you sat.
This makes for the perfect place to catch up or have serious life

In this case we were going to do some of both.

only problem was that the Shakers that I had broken up with
girlfriends, had led to the marriage of friends, and served as my pit
stop while teaching at the community center across the street, was no
more. The spot where the restaurant once stood was now being
transformed into an office building of some sort.

But, as luck
would have it, there are two Shakers in the Pasadena area and after the
confusion and coordinated calls, we finally all made it to Shakers and
had a great time catching up.

~~~Originally posted at NaBloPoMo on July 3, 2008~~~