Baseball and Big Macs


At nine years of age, I was a huge baseball fan. I bought pack after
pack of baseball cards, read player autobiographies, and begged to go
to as many Dodger games as I could (which was at most one per season).

when McDonalds started a new Baseball Trivia promotion, I was there.
They had a scratch-off card with a single trivia question and four
choices. Get the right answer on the first try and you win a Big Mac.
While I didn’t get every single question correct, I nailed most of them
and had enough to share with my brother and cousins.

combination of baseball + free Big Macs was so overwhelming that I went
to McDees after school to try and win another Big Mac. Well, you have
to buy a Big Mac to get a card and I only had so much cash. So I would
go down to McDees and trace around the restaurant to see if there were
any unscratched trivia cards. There was an empty lot just down the
street and it was the perfect place to discard of bad guesses. There
were tons of them strew around so I flipped and poked around but never
found one that hadn’t been left alone.

Now that I think of it,
not finding an unscratched card was probably a good thing otherwise I
would have spent all of my free time taking the long mile + hike to
McDees after school every day. Sometimes expiration is a good thing.

~~~Originally posted at NaBloPoMo on July 2, 2008~~~