I heard somewhere that the avocado is the only fruit or vegetable that
a human can live off. Something about the combination of oils and
proteins or such.

Well, I guess it may be true of dogs as well.
My two labs love avocados.* Our neighbor has an avocado tree so
whenever there is a stiff breeze or the avocados are overly ripe and
fall, the dogs are all over them.

We had some crazy winds about
a year ago and they would make the avocados fall off the tree and then
they’d bounce off of the neighbor’s shed and onto our yard. Every time
Lulu (Lab #1) heard the bang, she’d run and collect the avocado.

And here’s a picture of Lulu today with her delight of the day.

I was curious as to whether avocados were bad for doggies so I looked
around the Web and found mixed information. The information is even
mixed on the ASPCA site but it appears that it "could" be bad for them.

love my dogs and wouldn’t let harm come to them if I could help it but
they certainly love them some avocados and have never shown any
negative symptoms.
ASPCA link: http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=pro_apcc_ask_peoplefood&s_state=avocado


~~~Originally posted at NaBloPoMo on July 7, 2008~~~