4th of July for Four


B and I spent a quiet evening at home last night for the 4th of
July. I felt like firing up the grill but didn’t want to thaw out the
thousand pounds of frozen Costco meat in our fridge so we made hot
dogs. Lulu and Ivory, our yellow labs, watched on as I grilled ’em up
and added my secret ingredient (shh, it’s celery seeds).

We ate
dinner then I went out to play with the dogs for a while to keep them
distracted when the fireworks noise started. We had a good time playing
fetch with the knotted rope then I asked B to chop up some of the
left over wieners and the doggies had their late evening snack.

It was a great evening with just the four of us. No stress and our doggies were happy to finally get at the wieners.

Did anyone else have happy 4th with their furry friends?

~~~Originally posted at NaBloPoMo on July 5, 2008~~~