Simple Evening


We had my sister-in-law and the kids over for dinner.  We had leftovers from last night’s BBQ.  We haven’t had people over for a weekday dinner for a long time.  Even V made it here after work.  She’s usually attached at the hip with her boyfriend and we don’t see her for days on end.

After the boys ate, they watched that silly show where Japanese stars, athletes, and wannabee starlets compete on a ridiculous obstacle course to be the Top Ninja. 

As we finished up dinner we chatted about who was going to City College in the Fall and which classes they were going to take.  We talked about who was getting married and who wasn’t and  agreed that it didn’t really matter in the end.

V told us about all the great food they have at her work and everyone took turns making faces at the "different" dishes whether it was breaded veal, lamb chops, or beet chips.  I grimaced at the beet chips but V insisted that they were good because she made them.  I believe her and will try them when we finally eat there.

When V was a little girl it would take her forever to eat because she used to talk until her food got cold, then she would not want to eat it.  Tonight she talked until her food got cold again but ate her food anyway as she enjoyed the conversation.

We talked about how expensive gas was and that running very low on gas when you’re not near a Costco gas station was very bad for the pocketbook.  The price of groceries was discussed and acknowledged that unless they have a BOGO deal going on, it’s not worth getting ice cream at Vons.

I know that I have yet to do many exciting things in the world, big things, but this simple kind of evening is what I really love.