Top 10 Movie Foods


Have you ever watched a film then suddenly had a craving to eat food that was in the movie?  Or, have you ever craved and even prepared a special meal or snack just before watching a movie.  Well it happens to me all the time so here is my Top 10 all-time Movie Foods.

I’ll start at #10 and work my way to #1 for a dramatic effect…since we’re talking about movies and all.

10) Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind: Mashed potatoes.  Richard Dreyfuss stacks enough on his plate to make a small mountain.

9) When Harry Met Sally: Not possible to tell what Meg Ryan actually ate in that scene (remember she used a lot of if’s and then’s in her order), but I always order what she’s having.

8) In the Line of Fire: Spaghetti.  John Malkovich eats a huge bowl of spaghetti as he watches the news as he plots to off the Pres.  This is one of those films where I kick myself if I forget to make spaghetti first.

7) Tampopo: Noodles.  The film is billed as the first Japanese noodle Western.

6) Spanglish: "The Best Sandwich in the World".  The Adam Sandler character makes a delicious looking gourmet bacon cheese sandwich.  I had forgotten about it then one day my wife’s aunt had us over for lunch and made some.  Yum!  Here’s the recipe:

5) Manhattan: Chinese Food.  I know this covers a lot of area but the scene with Woody Allen and Mariel Hemingway eating Chinese food in bed is one of the most romantic scenes in movie history.  It’s not sexy or steamy, it’s real.  It’s about intimacy and the little things of a relationship and the dialogue is great.  Yeah, I know the scene has its purvy side and ended up a true life fiction but we’re not judging here tonight, Ok.

4) The Great Outdoors: A big honking STEAK.  I love steak.  But, I’ve never seen all of The Great Outdoors with John Candy.  My brother-in-law a true carnivore, is always talking about that scene and it makes me want one…but I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in the film. 

Please, if anyone has a photo of it please post it as a comment or something.

3) 9 1/2 Weeks: Um, various food items sometimes used for eating.

2) Life of Brian: Rich imperialist tidbits.  This includes wren’s livers and badger’s spleens.  I don’t actually desire eating these things, I just like saying "rich imperialist tidbits."

And #1 is


1) Big Night: Timpano.  While I’ve never had the pleasure of eating this Italian masterpiece of a dish, the movie makes it look sooo good.  It has ziti pasta, hardboiled eggs, meat salami – every sort of goodness imaginable.  There’s even a restaurant in Ontario, Canada that makes their own version.  Recipe:

So that’s it, my Top 10 all-time Food movies.  Have your own favorite?  Show some comment love and tell us about it.