Constantine – Demons and Devils and Angels, Oh My


Constantine (2005), starring Keanu Reeves and Rachel Weisz, is an awesome movie.  I’m trying to remember who told me it sucked so I can take them off my Listen-to-a-Friend recommendations list.  They were way wrong.

Were these errant friends trying to compare it to The Matrix?  That’s the only reason anyone might criticize it.  I was looking at the IMDB for the film and there were some other haters but they were focused on the individual performances.  Uh, Keanu Reeves is not the most animated person in the world but if you’re out to kick some demon  or angel ass, he’s your man.

I could see why repressed Christian conservatives would hate this film.  It’s plot re-wrote tons of Christian theology, including adding a couple of chapters to Corinthians, and had more demons and hobgoblins then a Hollywood star’s dreams after two weeks of rehab.  If you focus on theological accuracy then you will be disappointed but if you get a grip and realize that it’s just a movie then you can have a great time seeing demons getting smoted with a variety of occult crashing weapons.

In terms of historical or theological accuracy, this film is similar to Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto which didn’t allow something as small as historical facts get in the way of a good politically laced film.

If you don’t like films that have bogus facts then make your own movie.  But if you’re ready to rent or buy a movie with tons of actions, awesome cinematography, and lots of demon killing then Constantine is your movie.