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Tecnifícate Conference Gets Techie in Riverside

[caption id="attachment_8980" align="alignright" width="150"]Ariel Coro Ariel Coro, Founder of the Tecnifícate Conference[/caption]I had the pleasure of attending the Tecnifícate Conference Saturday, April 28 at Riverside City College. The conference series is very unique in that it reaches out to the Spanish-speaking techie entrepreneurs. Continue reading

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CISPA – Invasion of Privacy Act

When I think of the new Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) bill that passed the House Intelligence Committee I think of the scene from the film “Enemy of the State” where Congressman Phillip Hammersley (played by the late Jason Robards) says:

“Telecommunications Security and Privacy Act. Invasion of privacy is more like it. – You read the Post? ‘This bill is not the first step towards the surveillance society. It is the surveillance society.'” Continue reading

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Highlights from the California State Democrats Convention

It’s been a busy two weeks, first with going to the National Media Reform Conference and then participating in the California State Democrats Convention in Sacramento. When I finally got back to the office everyone asked me “how was it all?” so I thought I’d tell all of you. Continue reading

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Ten Things I Learned at #NCMR13

Ten Things I learned at #NCMR13Hundreds of media activists made their way to Denver for the National Conference on Media Reform this past weekend. This was my first time attending the conference and really my first major exposure to the media reform community. I’ll be blogging more about media reform in the weeks to come but I wanted to share some of what I learned before I forget the details. Continue reading

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