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Can the iPhone’s voice memo app post to my Facebook status? #geekery

Memo.m4a Listen on Posterous

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Unleashing The Power of YouTube Captions

A few months ago, I was talking with a good friend about new technologies and he mentioned Stanford’s video captioning services. I didn’t understand why it was that exciting a technology, at first. After visiting the site and looking at what Stanford was doing, it finally all clicked.

Captions turn video content inside out, making them searchable and accessible to the world.

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Visualization of my blog’s search keywords for July, MTD

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Quick July shower leaves a gift

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5 Hot Tips For Serious News Hounds

Do you follow over 100 news sources? Are you the first to retweet earthquake tweets? Do you send late night DM’s to major new sources then see them show up on the news a few minutes later? If so, then you’re definitely a news hound.

Here are five tips to keep you at the top of the news junkie food chain.

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20 Ways To Add Video To Your Blog Today

This post looks at 20 different ways to add video to your blog post today. It starts by looking at the Equipment you can use, then shows you how to Embed the video into your blog, and finally looks at other cool video options.

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How To Create A Facebook Fan Page [VIDEO]

This tutorial will show you how to get started on building your own Facebook Page (I refer to them as “Fan Pages” in the video). This is Part One of the Facebook Fan Page project so make sure you bookmark this page, subscribe to the email blog posts, and/or subscribe to the RSS feed to keep track of further developments.

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4 Tips For Building An Amazing Twitter Community

One year ago today, thousands mourned the death of Eric De La Cruz after he was unable to get a heart transplant in time. Eric’s sister, television journalist Veronica De La Cruz (@VeronicaDLCruz), had reached out to her Twitter network and started an historic campaign that would connect thousands, raise over one million dollars in three weeks, and play a significant role in the U.S. health care debate.

There are hundreds of stories like this on Twitter and each one revolves around a strong community. After being a part of the Eric De La Cruz campaign (#ERIC) and many other efforts, I have identified four key tips for building strong and lasting Twitter communities.

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Rocky start? Sort of.

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