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[Video Tutorial] How to Post Blips to your Twitter Feed

Yesterday I was asked how to automatically post Blips to Twitter so I created this quick video tutorial. Enjoy, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and follow this blog for more video tutorials. Continue reading

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Staying Focused on the Final Stretch – Health Care Reform

We’ve come so far these past few months on the road to health care reform. Continue reading

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Serra Cross Park, Ventura, CA

Beautiful views from Serra Cross Park in Ventura, CA. The park is up on a hill and from there you can see several views of Ventura County. Continue reading

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[Video Tutorial] How to Turn on Geotagging on

WordPress recently announced geotagging support for blogs. Naturally I had to check it out but had trouble finding out which switch to flip. Luckily I ran into the new Geotagging Support page and I was off and running. Continue reading

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Nancy Rodriguez from Q1047 in Santa Paula

Met the lovely and talented Nancy Rodriguez this morning at the Q1047 Rico and Mambo Show, live from McDonald’s in Santa Paula, CA. Nancy sends a big shoutout to all the readers and fans. She also gave the blog a great on air shoutout! Thank you Nancy! Continue reading

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14 Ways You Can Help Promote My Blog Class

I LOVE promoting other people and organizations that are doing good and interesting things. Whether it’s a cause, a new community service, or a new business, I’m there and ready to help. Well today I’m doing something difficult for me and asking for your help in promoting this new class. Continue reading

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Tracking a Breaking Story Using Twitter Lists – #FortHood

In a tragic situation such as the Fort Hood shootings, the Twitter Lists feature is extremely powerful as it creates an ad-hoc news channel. You get to curate and you get to tune in. Continue reading

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6 Ways I Use Twitter Lists

Twitter is in the process of rolling out its new Lists feature and there is a lot of hubub going on about A-List egos, feeling left out, and a ton of Twitter Lists blog posts.
I totally understand the I-got-picked-last-for-kickball feelings that can accompany being left off “top lists” of any kind. I sympathize but don’t think we need to live there. This posts takes a step back and looks at Twitter Lists as a software feature that we can use to serve our needs, in nice ways.

These are the 6 ways I am using Twitter lists to meet my needs. Continue reading

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