Health care reform rally in Ventura, CA

I’m passionate about supporting health care reform. This Animoto video is a compilation of pictures and video from yesterday’s Health care reform rally in Ventura, CA.

During the rally, I sent Twitpics images to Twitter, recorded video using a Mino HD Flip video camera, and streamed live footage using Qik software via my cell phone.

After reading Mashable’s post on Animoto’s new Remix Video feature, I knew I had to try it out. I think this makes a great way to capture some of the energy and spirit of an event.

2 thoughts on “Health care reform rally in Ventura, CA”

  1. I am worried about the Proposed Healthcare Plan. Will it have negative changes to my parents expenses? Do the benefits counterbalance the negative aspects?

    1. Hosea- I don’t know what your parent’s situation is, but the intent of healthcare reform is to make it accessible and more affordable for more people. Right now premiums are shooting up while salaries are staying put or being cut.

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