Customer Service in 12Seconds Flat

I spent the morning at a Starbucks in Cerritos, California, busily working on a proposal. After an hour I took a break, snapped a few pictures of my surroundings then tried to shoot off a video update via my iPhone.

But the update didn’t work. I tried again. No love.

So I posted a message via Twitter,

“Trying to send update from my iPhone but no workee.”-@jesseluna

I paused, then refreshed my Twitter iPhone application and there were two responses from folks at, including one from Sol Lipman, the co-founder. Two more responses came in seconds later.

Is your business or organization prepared to compete with customer service on demand? Sol’s is.

Here’s my post, third time was a charm:

[iPhone] Productivity paradise? on

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2 Responses to Customer Service in 12Seconds Flat

  1. Kyle Tolle says:

    12seconds’ customer service is fantastic. I’m doing some development against their API and they are really quick at answering questions and even willing to expand their API to add functionality.

    One of the benefits of a small outfit is the maneuverability in the field. I’m confident they will be able to maintain this edge as they grow, which is a benefit for everyone.

  2. jesse says:

    Kyle, it certainly looks like they’re on the ball when it comes to development. I love that that they got creative on the non-jacked iPhone application! – Jesse

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