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I Vant to Suck Your Blog…With New LinkedIn Applications

LinkedIn now has Applications.  You know, just like Facebook.  Yeah, they’re a bit late into the game but they are starting with the some good ones. New LinkedIn Applications: WordPress-sucks in your blog Blog Link-blog sucker #2 Amazon Reading List-Share … Continue reading

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Yahoo! Search Marketing to Allow Zip Code Targeting

I was advising a potential client on ways to help get his business online.  As a contractor, he will be looking for work in his immediate geographical area so the new Yahoo! Search Marketing Zip Code targeting might be just … Continue reading

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Living in the Credit State

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Google’s New ‘Display Ad Builder’ Speeds Ad Design Time

Google is seriously trying to cut into my business.  It launched a Display Ad Builder which allows you to create AdWords compliant ads with a few clicks.  The key selling point is that you will no longer need a designer … Continue reading

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Non-Verbal Cues in Obama/McCain Debate

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