Taking the Subway to Dinner

B and I ate at Subway today.  It’s kind of an unusual set up.  They crammed two mini armchairs and a small coffee table by the door.  We tried to eat there but then felt like we were in "kinney-garden" so we packed up and moved to their usual table and chair setup.  I literally had to step over the table to get out of my spot in the nook.

This was our second time at this particular Subway and we recognized one of the workers from our first visit.  On our first visit he took our order in English then went on to chat with a co-worker in Spanish using a bevy of obscenities.  Apparently, he thought we were English-only patrons.  The obscenities didn’t really bother us.  It was kind of funny.

This time, when we arrived he just kind of looked at us as if he’d seen us before, but was on his way out.  Actually, the last time we ate there, he was cussing because his next shift replacement had not shown up.  Apparently they got that straightened out.

As I was waiting for my chicken breast sandwich to come out of the little oven, I noticed a sign with Jared’s face on it.  Apparently, news of his death were both premature and greatly exaggerated.

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  1. I wish people who speak Spainsh would realize that even if we whetto’s Espaniol es muy pocito, the first words that anyone learns when learning a new language, is how to cuss.
    Many years ago, I had a co-worker who looked very Irish. Flaming red hair, ruddy complexion, and green eyes. Two Spanish speaking women where in her area of the store. The women were talking between themselves, about how this worker was really stupid and how easy it was to steal items and she would never know. My friend turned to them and told them in fluent Spanish, that they had better put the items back or she was going to call security! Never underestimate what someone knows ore does not know based on the color of their skin.

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